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We are a group at the Indian Institute of Science, united by our interests in biological morphogenesis. Morphogenesis emphasizes searching for rules that determine the structure, and hence function, of tissues and organs. It also implies an investigation into how such rules are subverted, or new rules innovated, in diseases such as cancer.

Lab tattle

June '23: Bharat leaves the group to join the graduate biology program at Vanderbilt Universi

June '23: Bharat's paper on senescence associated matrisomal phenotype now in BioRxiv


May '23: Satyarthi coorganizes a workshop on Finite Element Analysis in CeNSE

May '23: Krithjgnan joins the group as a project assistant to work on the dictyostelium-cancer project

May '23: Collaborative paper with Tapa Bhattacharya and his graduate student Sreepadmanabh (former group intern) is published in Biomedical Materials


May '23: Karthik, Nikhita and Bharat defend their undergraduate and masters thesis with aplomb

April '23: Collaborative paper with Samrat Chatterjee, THSTI on metabolic models of ovarian cancer now in BioRxiv


April '23: Ramray is a visitor at the Laboratory of Adhesion and Inflammation at Aix-Marseille University, France


March '23: The morphogenesis group goes all out to showcase its science on Open Day 2023

March '23: Ramray co-organizes the NTU-IISc symposium on Health and Life Sciences at IISc 


February '23: Vishnu BS wins best oral presentation prize at the Seoul International Symposium on Surgical Oncology 2023


February '23: Ramray coorganizes Physics of Cells and Tissues symposium with

Mohit Kumar Jolly ​​

February '23: Biswadeep wins best poster award at the 3rd World Congress on translational cancer research, 2023


January '23: CVS Prasanna wins best poster award at IACR annual meeting 2023


December '22: Ramray joins the editorial board of the Journal of Biosciences

November '22: Ramray gives a talk in the 4th Australasian Glycobiology Symposium

November '22: Ramray gives a talk in the 3rd International conference series organized by
Oncoseek Bio 

October '22: Navya Rastogi successfully defends her PhD thesis on circulating tumor cell isolation

October '22: Ramray gives a talk in the molecular and translational research conference at Sri Shankara Cancer Foundation, Bengaluru

October '22: Ramray gives a talk in the statistical biophysics program at ICTS, Bengaluru

October' 22: Sudiksha secures a PMRF fellowship through direct entry

October '22: Satyarthi successfully clears his comprehensive evaluation and is now a PhD candidate 

September '22: Satyarthi attends the mechanobiology of cancer summer school in Barcelona

September '22: Mallar successfully clears his comprehensive evaluation and is now a PhD candidate

September '22: Anu showcases our research on social amoeba in the science exhibition of Pravega 2022

August '22: Shyamili wins Genesis, DST and EMBO travel awards to attend an EMBO conference on cancer signaling in Croatia

August '22: Mallar wins an EMBO travel award to attend a EMBO conference on cancer signaling in Croatia

August '22: JImpi wins Genesis Travel Award to attend a winter school on bioengineering in Barcelona

August '22: Jimpi and Satyarthi's paper on ancient ECMs accepted for publication in Computational and Systems Oncology

August '22: Jimpi presents her thesis colloquium

July '22: Shahid leaves the group to pursue his PhD with Erez Raz under the CiM-IMPRS Graduate Program at Uni Münster

June' 22: Jimpi attends, and presents her work in the Winter School on Engineered Systems in Barcelona

June '22: Ramray coorganizes the MERCK Stem for Girls workshop at IISc

June '22: Ramray speaks at C-DNA workshop at CeNSE, IISc
June' 22: Ramray interacts with PUC teachers from Odisha at Challakere campus, IISc

May '22: Anu, Jayita and Souvik join the laboratory as undergraduate interns

May' 22: Dharma and Shyamili's review on ECM as a driver of tumor heterogeneity accepted for publication in Physical Biology

May '22: Dharma, Mallar and Shahid's paper on Galectin-9 accepted for publication in ACS Chemical Biology

May '22: Navya presents her PhD thesis colloquium

April '22: Monica and Bharath successfully defend their masters and undergraduate research theses.
March '22: Ramray gives a talk in Clevergene, Bangalore

February '22: Dharma nominated for the C V Hanumantha Rao best departmental thesis Medal

February '22: Biswadeep Ghosh Roy joins the laboratory as a project associate

January '22: Ramray gives a talk on galectins at Galectio Inc; Mallar presents his first poster in the 8th annual symposium of BSSE 

December '21: Ramray joins the EMBO Global Investigator network

November '21: Research on "cellular agency in multicellular development and cancer" funded by John Templeton Foundation begins!
October '21: Ramray is associate professor, MRDG

September '21: Shahid rejoins the lab as a project assistant

August '21: Review with Stuart Newman and Tilmann Glimm on the synchrony of digit morphogenesis accepted in Biosystems 

August '21: Monica rejoins the lab to work on her Masters project on morphogenesis. Bharat joins the lab to work on his undergraduate thesis on senescence and cancer.

July '21: Jimpi's paper on ovarian cancer spheroidogenesis
published in Life Science Alliance

June  '21: Ramray is associate faculty, Bioengineering, IISc

May '21: Dharma's commentary on Gal-3 NT driven liquid-liquid phase separation published in PNAS

April '21: Durjay's paper on a unified framework on cancer migration gets published in the Journal of Theoretical Biology
April '21: Navya's paper on the turn effect in catching circulating cancer cells is published in Analytica Chimica Acta

March' 21: Dharma Pally successfully defends his PhD thesis!

Feb '21: Bhaskar's paper on heterogeneity within distcrete high mutator populations published in BMC Ecology and Evolution

Feb '21: Purba's paper on biphasic response of Collagen polymers to dermatan sulfates published in JBMR Part A

Jan '21: Ramray conferred with Prof. Priti Shankar Teaching Award for Science

Jan '21: Dharma's paper on breast cancer glycan heterogeneity is accepted for publication in ACS Central Science 

Sep '20: Paper with Ambarish Ghosh group  on nanobots detecting cancer ECM published in Angewandte Chemie

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