Lab tattle

August '22: Anu showcases our research on social amoeba in the science exhibition of Pravega 2022

August '22: Shyamili wins DBT travel award to attend an EMBO conference on cancer signaling in Croatia

August '22: Mallar and Shyamili win Genesis Travel Awards to attend an EMBO conference on cancer signaling in Croatia

August '22: Jimpi and Satyarthi's paper on ancient ECMs accepted for publication in Computational and Systems Oncology

August '22: Jimpi presents her thesis colloquium

July '22: Shahid leaves the group to pursue his PhD with Erez Raz at Max Planck Münster

June' 22: Jimpi attends, and presents her work in the Winter School on Engineered Systems in Barcelona

June '22: Ramray coorganizes the MERCK Stem for Girls workshop at IISc

June '22: Ramray speaks at C-DNA workshop at CeNSE, IISc
June' 22: Ramray interacts with PUC teachers from Odisha at Challakere campus, IISc

May '22: Anu, Jayita and Souvik join the laboratory as undergraduate interns

May' 22: Dharma and Shyamili's review on ECM as a driver of tumor heterogeneity accepted for publication in Physical Biology

May '22: Dharma, Mallar and Shahid's paper on Galectin-9 accepted for publication in ACS Chemical Biology

May '22: Navya presents her PhD thesis colloquium

April '22: Monica and Bharath successfully defend their masters and undergraduate research theses.
March '22: Ramray gives a talk in Clevergene, Bangalore

February '22: Dharma nominated for the C V Hanumantha Rao best departmental thesis Medal

February '22: Biswadeep Ghosh Roy joins the laboratory as a project associate

January '22: Ramray gives a talk on galectins at Galectio Inc; Mallar presents his first poster in the 8th annual symposium of BSSE 

December '21: Ramray joins the EMBO Global Investigator network

November '21: Research on "cellular agency in multicellular development and cancer" funded by John Templeton Foundation begins!
October '21: Ramray is associate professor, MRDG

September '21: Shahid rejoins the lab as a project assistant

August '21: Review with Stuart Newman and Tilmann Glimm on the synchrony of digit morphogenesis accepted in Biosystems 

August '21: Monica rejoins the lab to work on her Masters project on morphogenesis. Bharat joins the lab to work on his undergraduate thesis on senescence and cancer.

July '21: Jimpi's paper on ovarian cancer spheroidogenesis
published in Life Science Alliance

June  '21: Ramray is associate faculty, Bioengineering, IISc

May '21: Dharma's commentary on Gal-3 NT driven liquid-liquid phase separation published in PNAS

April '21: Durjay's paper on a unified framework on cancer migration gets published in the Journal of Theoretical Biology

 April '21: Navya's paper on the turn effect in catching circulating cancer cells is published in Analytica Chimica Acta

March' 21: Dharma Pally successfully defends his PhD thesis!

Feb '21: Bhaskar's paper on heterogeneity within distcrete high mutator populations published in BMC Ecology and Evolution

Feb '21: Purba's paper on biphasic response of Collagen polymers to dermatan sulfates published in JBMR Part A

Jan '21: Ramray conferred with Prof. Priti Shankar Teaching Award for Science

Jan '21: Dharma's paper on breast cancer glycan heterogeneity is accepted for publication in ACS Central Science 

Sep '20: Paper with Ambarish Ghosh group  on nanobots detecting cancer ECM published in Angewandte Chemie